First Edition of The WAKESHOP CUP 2020

We are excited to launch the first edition of
WAKESHOP CUP in Belgium ! 



— Events schedule may change due to corona restriction, if you are interested join the facebook event page and send us an email to book your place —

The event will take place over one day and will challenge both genders. The rules are simple:

  1. Skills, talent and boldness is what it takes !
  2. Pro-riders or Advanced riders* unless under 16 years old are not allowed to participate
    *Advanced rider : ( no 7, no mobes, no doubles, none of the big tricks will be taken into consideration ).
  3. you are allowed to compete with the testing gear ! 


The Wakeshop Cup will take place at 3 different parks on Saturday and will be combined with a gear testing day Saturday and Sunday.

WAKESHOP.BE team will be on site all week-end to: coach, give tips and allow you to test 2020 Wakeboards gear. 


Practical Information


The Spin: Rue Crossart 61, 6440 Froidchapelle – Belgium
Wake up: Katwilgweg, 2050 Antwerpen – Belgium
The Outsider: Donkstraat 50, 9700 Oudenaarde – Belgium

Event Schedule:
Until 16h: Registrations ( max 32 )
17h-18h: Airtricks Expression session
18-20h: JAM ( main event )
20h30 – 21h: Prize giving
21h++ : Party
Gear testing available all week end.

Airtricks Expression Session (17-18h):
17h -18h.
Only one corner in the park. It is more a show and session together rather than a competition.
Tricks will be voted by the riders, the public and the judges ( 33% each )

The Spin: Confirmed!
Wake Up Cablepark: No Airtricks.
The Outsider: No Airtricks.

COMPETITION (18-20h) : 

Max 32 riders :
Round of 16: 8 heats of 4 riders ( top 2 advance )
Quarter Final: 4 heats of 4 riders ( top 2 advance )
Semi Final: 2 heats of 4 riders ( top 2 advance )
Final: 4 riders.
Total of 15 heats of 7 minutes

There will be no LCQ

It will be a Jam ( 7 minutes per heat ) where the park will be divided in sections.

The Spin Wakepark:
Section 1: 2 kickers ( Right & Left )
Section 2: from tower 1 to tower 3 ( 2 lines )
Section 3: from tower 3 to tower 4 ( 2 lines ) 

Wake Up Cablepark:
Section 1: 1 kicker only ( you get to chose )
Section 2: first line
Section 3: 2nd line

The Outsider Cablepark:
Section 1: 1 kicker & 1 funbox
Section 2: tower 1 to tower 2
Section 3: tower 2 to tower 3

Judging & Point system: 

→ 4 judges: 1 per section & 1 overall judge.
→ The rider with the most sections won, wins his run.
Ian Curry-Lindahl will be the head judge. Other judges may change from one event to another.

→Each contest will give points depending on the ranking of the riders, the riders with the most points at the end of the 3 contests, win the WAKESHOP CUP!
→During the first contest, riders will randomly be placed in heats of 4 and battle up to the final.
For the last two contests, the 8 riders with the most points on the overall ranking will each be placed in different heats. The rest of the riders will randomly be picked to fill up the empty slots in the 8 heats.
→Going straight into the final, it is heat of 4 with 2 riders moving to the next round.

→Each contest has the same point distribution:
1st: 8 points
2nd: 7 points
3rd: 6 points
4th: 5 points
5th: 4 points
9th: 2 points
17th: 0 points 



The entrance fee to each contest is 30 euros.

The overall winner of the 3 contests  will win the WAKESHOP CUP and a Wakeboard SET UP

The Spin Wakepark:
1st: prize + 5 x 1h pass + goodies
2nd: prize + 3 x 1h pass + goodies
3rd: prize + 1h pass + goodies
Only one winner with the most votes : prize +  5 x 1h pass

Wake Up Cablepark:
1st: prize + 1 day pass + goodies
2nd: prize + 2h pass + goodies
3rd: prize + 1h pass + goodies

The Outsider Cablepark:
1st: prize + ? + goodies
2nd: prize + ? + goodies
3rd: prize + ? + goodies


See you @the cable !!

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