Hello Shredders!

We are pretty pleased to launch a brand new concept in belgium for 2020!  A local video contest!
As we are not allowed to gather a big amount of people together until the end of the summer due to the covid-19, we decided to do a video contest that will happen through the web therefor is friendlier to the covid-19 restrictions. We present you the Wakeshop.be Shred a line 2020 !

The idea is pretty simple:

  • Entries are free ( starting July 1st )
  • everyone is welcome to send us a video, no categories. ( wakeboard, wakeskate, skis, kneeboard, ladies, juniors, men, … )
  • Send me a line of you shredding 3 of your best tricks.
  • 15 riders will qualify for the final at the spin Wakepark ( date to be confirmed – end of septembre 2020 )
  • The winner of the final will be crown ” Wakeshop line shredder of the year “  and will win a fresh 2021 set up from WAKESHOP.BE

What do you have to do to participate?

Qualifications & Final ( see recap below ): 

  • Send us 1 video per person with your best line Before august 31st latest.
  • from september 1st until september 15th, vote online by the public + 4 judges will deliberate who made the 5 best lines from each wakeparks.
  • The 15 qualified riders will meet each other at the spin wakepark ( date to be announced ) to be filmed by a drone for 2 laps to get their best new line on camera.
  • from octobre 1st until octobre 15th the 15 lines from the finalists riders will be online to be voted by the public.
  • The rider with the best line from the final will be crowned as line shredder of 2020 and wins a fresh 2020 set up from WAKESHOP.BE

How has to be the clip you send us:

Only clips coming from the following 3 wakeparks are accepted:

  • The Spin wakepark
  • Wake up cablepark ( Antwerpen )
  • The Outsider wakepark

Only clips entering the following criterias are accepted:

  • Max 60 seconds within 1 lap.
  • No cuts between your tricks
  • No editing is necessary, raw clips are good
  • A line of maximum 3 tricks par rider
  • 1 submission only per rider will be taken into consideration
  • The video has to be steady, clips that are too shaky won’t be accepted
  • all Tricks must be clearly visible
  • Filmed in good quality
  • Never seen online before

The things we are looking for are: Creativity, Style, Control and Composition.

What is a line and how to send it to wakeshop.be?

A line is a combination of several tricks in one pull.
In this case, it has to be 3 different rails within 1 lap and less than 60 seconds.

You can film however you want as long as it enters in the criterias on the list above ( Go Pro, DSLR, Drone, …)

Once you have your favourite clip:

  • create a WETRANSFER LINK with the clip in it
  • copy past the link to the submission area you find below:
  • Make sure to fill ll the gaps asked below
  • Wait the 16/09/2020 to see if you qualified

What if I don’t have access to a camera but still want to participate?

Don’t worry! We will have someone at your wakepark for a day with his camera to help you film your line! ( 2 laps per person – 1st arrived, 1st served!  )

  • The Spin Wakepark: Sunday 26/07/2020
  • The Outsider Wakepark: Sunday 02/08/2020 
  • Wake Up Cablepark: Sunday 09/08/2020


The winner will win a full 2021 set up offered by WAKESHOP.BE ( board + bindings )
Other surprises might come along with the contest.



We Can not wait to see what you got for us!!




If you have any questions, feel free to ask though the contact page of wakeshop.be

See you on the water!!

– The WAKESHOP.BE team –


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