WAKESHOP.BE interview #1: Victor Salmon

Welcome to the WAKESHOP.BE interviews!  the WAKESHOP.BE interviews are here to get to know better your favourite riders. We ask a questions to your favourite riders to share their insight with you! There will be weekly new WAKESHOP.BE interviews like these with some of the biggest names on the scene so stay tuned! For the […]

Tip & Trick list ( WAKESHOP.BE Coach Card )

 WAKESHOP.BE Coach Card – Tip & trick list On this page, you will find the description of the tricks you can find on your WAKESHOP.BE coach card. Below the levels fromm the coach card list, you can find much more wakeboard terms and trick description than the card has.       As mention on […]

Cable Park Belgium – 2020 reopening after #Coronavirus lockdown

Dear cable riders, this page is created to keep you informed about the post-coronavirus belgium cable parks reopening and rules to follow in order to shred again till the end of the season.The coronavirus has an impact on all of us so we we want to help you the best we can to get back […]

#CORONAVIRUS – 20% on your online order!

It is important to live-by the measures that have been implemented by the government to fight the spread of the CoVid19, every action counts. In order to go in this direction, we advise you to make your orders online as much as possible. Let’s stay safe & united ! To encourage you to stay home […]

First Edition of The WAKESHOP CUP 2020

We are excited to launch the first edition of the WAKESHOP CUP in Belgium !  3 EVENTS 3 CABLE PARKS OPEN TO ALL EUROPEAN RIDERS NONPRO ONLY 3 RIDERS TO STEP THE FINAL PODIUM !   — Events schedule may change due to corona restriction, if you are interested join the facebook event page and send […]

2020 WAKESHOP Escape @ Lunar Wakepark ( 4 -12 April )

Looking for the best way to get ready for your season? Come with us! ” Join us for a week of wakeboarding in Spain at the new place to be in Europe: LUNAR WAKEPARK ! We are organising a trip from 4th till 12th of April.” — Schedule may change due to corona restriction, if […]

10 Best Wakeboard web videos – WAKEPARK (part 1)

A lot of people is often asking for inspiration, Every now and then we’ll try to post an article called “Wakeshop.be Cine Day” with some links to wakeboard web videos we believe are great inspiration for any riders. Selected videos in this article and in the coming ones are simply for us what we believe […]

Ronix KINETIK Project – Flexbox 1 or Springbox 2?

Often,we are asked about the differences between the Kinetik Project Flexbox 1 Park board And the Kinetik project springbox 2 park board from @ronixwakeboards The KINETIK FLEXBOX 1 (black)   This Kinetik has a super soft belly but the rigid tip/tail gives the rider more snap off a feature and on-air tricks. A design with less […]