10 Best Wakeboard web videos – WAKEPARK (part 1)

A lot of people is often asking for inspiration, Every now and then we’ll try to post an article called “Wakeshop.be Cine Day” with some links to wakeboard web videos we believe are great inspiration for any riders. Selected videos in this article and in the coming ones are simply for us what we believe […]

Ronix KINETIK Project – Flexbox 1 or Springbox 2?

Often,we are asked about the differences between the Kinetik Project Flexbox 1 Park board And the Kinetik project springbox 2 park board from @ronixwakeboards The KINETIK FLEXBOX 1 (black)   This Kinetik has a super soft belly but the rigid tip/tail gives the rider more snap off a feature and on-air tricks. A design with less […]

Which fit you need for your Follow impact Vest

Follow is a wakeboarding wearables and accessories company foundered in 2010. We are committed to creating products with quality that you can touch and feel. From materials, to function and finish, we take no shortcuts.   Today follow is known for a wide range of essential riding accessories and wearables, one of the most epic […]

Welcome to Slingshot Wake 2019

Slingshot Wakeboarding is one of the leader brand from the WAKE industry. Have a quick overview of the top-sellers products from Slingshot Wakeboarding: Slingshot Shredtown 2019   Slingshot Windsor & RAD 2019 Slingshot Bishop & Solo 2019   Slingshot’s dedication to quality and performance has empowered their riders to literally change the wakeboarding world.

Ben Leclair Recovery #benSquad

In 2016, Benjamin Leclair has suffered a serious spinal cord injury in Orlando, Florida. The rider from Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Canada, was shooting a wakeboarding movie at Kevin Henshaw’s Area 52 when the accident took place.   Leclair, who has already been considered one of the best free wakeboarders on the planet, was stabilized on site, airlifted […]