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WAKESHOP.BE interview #3: Massi Piffaretti

  Welcome to the WAKESHOP.BE interviews!  the WAKESHOP.BE interviews are here to get to know better your favourite riders. We have ask a few questions to some riders we like the most to share their insight with you! There will regularly be new WAKESHOP.BE interviews posts like these with some of the biggest names on […]

Tip & Trick list ( WAKESHOP.BE Coach Card )

 WAKESHOP.BE Coach Card – Tip & trick list On this page, you will find the description of the tricks you can find on your WAKESHOP.BE coach card. Below the levels fromm the coach card list, you can find much more wakeboard terms and trick description than the card has.       As mention on […]

10 Best Wakeboard web videos – WAKEPARK (part 1)

A lot of people is often asking for inspiration, Every now and then we’ll try to post an article called “Wakeshop.be Cine Day” with some links to wakeboard web videos we believe are great inspiration for any riders. Selected videos in this article and in the coming ones are simply for us what we believe […]

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