Waterski Vlaanderen is an Unisport federation for water skiing, subsidized by Vlaanderen, and has around 4000 members.


Logo of WSV federation

Water ski on an international level

Water skiing is governed at the international level by a single organization: IWWF (International Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation).

IWWF (organization chart) is geographically subdivided into three groups:

  • Region E&A: Europe and Africa
  • The Asian / Australiasian Region: Oceania and Asia.
  • The Panamerican Region: North, Central and South America.


Water skiing at national level

Only one umbrella organization per country is recognized by the IWWF. This organization may send skiers to international competitions. For Belgium this is KBWSF (Royal Belgian Water Ski Federation). This federation is an umbrella body that represents WSV (Waterski Flanders) and the FFSNW (Fédération Francophone de Ski Nautique et the Wakeboard) and coordinates their activities nationally and internationally.

Because waterski is not yet an Olympic recognized summer / winter sport, IWWF is only a recognized member (ARISF) at the IOC and affiliated with IWGA (World Games = “Olympic Games for non-Olympic sports”).

Goals of Waterski Vlaanderen Federation:

  • Basic assignment: Total offer from competition to recreation
  • Basic assignment: Framework training and further training
  • Basic assignment: Support affiliated clubs & quality assurance
  • Basic assignment: Internal & external policy & organization communication
  • Basic assignment: Promotion of one’s own sport
  • Youth sports policy focus
  • Accessible sports policy focus
  • Policy focus innovation

Become member of one of their 44 Waterski Club!

Find a club near your place and join the fun of waterskiing. Waterski has several disciplines:

Clubs will propose you the opportunity to


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